How to Create an App in 5 Steps

In the world of technology and smartphones, in fact, different tools are spreading thanks to which people of any age, even without necessarily a great experience in this field, know how to create an application in a few steps.

The old Ethan Dugga, after understanding how to create an app in 2-3 months, created “lazy husband”, an application that compliments his wife instead of the distracted husband. And what about George Weiss, unbridled grandparent who in 2011 at the Veneranda age of 84 years has created an app of word games that has literally depopulated.

So if you have any brilliant ideas, fresh and especially innovative, no fear! You can also engage in creating an app for your needs, for your work, for fun or simply for the sake of being able to say that you have succeeded in this small business.

In this article I will explain how to create an app in a few steps. Obviously having a flouring of programming languages is an excellent starting point but, in any case, you will definitely need the help of app developers for your project, small or large.

Let’s discover now how to create an app in 5 steps.

How to develop an Android app in 5 steps?

Let’s start by figuring out how to develop an Android app in 5 steps.

The first step is to download the free Java SE Development Kit software to your computer.

The second step is to download Android Studio, a free application for Windows and Mac OS X, where there is everything you need to create an app.

Here we are at the third step: after clicking on the download button Android Studio, you have to tick the sign next to the entry “I have read and agree with the above terms and conditions” to accept the conditions and, at this point, the download will be permanently started.

We arrive at the fourth step: at the end of this operation you have to open the installation package of Android Studio “URandroid-studio-bundle-xx-windows.exe”.

Finally, the fifth step is to click twice consecutively in sequence on “yes” and “next”, and then in succession on “I agree”, “Next”, “Install”, again “next” and finally “finish”.

You can choose to import data from other Android studio installations by putting the check mark in the appropriate section, but because this is a rather complex operation, you should contact programmers or app developers in this case.

We continue and discover other systems to understand how to create an app in 5 steps for Android.

How to create an Android app using MIT app inventor in five steps

Wondering how to create an Android application with a more intuitive system? Then the best solution is the MIT app inventor, which is easier to use but also more limited.

In this case you do not have to download anything: The first step is to connect to the MIT app inventor page directly from the browser. The program is free but you must have a Google account in order to use it.

Are you connected to the page? Well, we can go!

The second step is to click on “Create” located on the top right of the page; Click on the “Allow” button to enable the program to interact with your Google account.

Then click on “I accetpt the terms of service” to accept the terms of use and then the “Never Take Survey” button if you do not wish to receive the questionnaires related to the experience of using the platform and, finally, click on “Continue” to access the main page of the service.

We are, now everything is ready to develop an app, we are in the third step. You have to click on the button “Start new project” and give a name to the app you are to create, then you have to press “OK” to enter the editor with which draw the application.

The fourth step is to customize the app. If you notice on the left side of the screen there are several elements useful for creating the app, which can be dragged into the application thumbnail in the middle of the page.

The button “button” is equivalent to the buttons, the “image” button is equivalent to the images, the “textbox” key to text messages and so on.

On the right, instead, options and tools are available to customize the selected content from the left sidebar.

Finally, the fifth and final step is to distribute your “creature” on the Play store.

You must then go to the appropriate section with your developer account for Google. To do this you have to pay $25 one-time, which you can directly charge with the credit card associated with your Google account.

Once the application is loaded, you will also need to insert an icon and a detailed description of the app online.

Also, if you want to distribute your paid app, you must open a seller account by filling out the appropriate form on Google Wallet.

To learn how to create an app using MIT app inventor, you can see the “Help” section and then the “Tutorials” menu. There are tutorials available, even if in English.

To get more out of MIT app inventor, I recommend you contact a programmer or an app developer, who will give you great advice and guidance to create an application that will be very useful in the future.

How to create an app in 5 steps for iOS

Let’s discover now how to create an app in 5 steps for iOS.

The first step in developing an iphone, ipod, and ipod Touch app is to connect to the Apple Internet specific page and the iOS developer program as an individual developer.

This will allow you to test your apps on your idevice and publish your app to the App Store.

Remember that you have to pay a fee of $99 per year to be an Apple registered developer.

After registering, the second step is to open the Mac App Store and download Xcode, which is the software that allows you to create an app on iOS that also provides a graphical editor, a code editor and other preset templates.

You can also use the iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) and iphone simulator, an iphone emulator that allows you to simulate an app test.

To create an iOS app, the language to use is Objective-C, which is intuitive enough for those who know programming in Java and C++.

Alternatively, there are guides on the web that explain the objective-C language, or you can contact an app developer who will give you useful information and suggestions.

Here we are in the third step, that is the creation of the interface, which must have guidelines quite simple and intuitive even for those who are totally ignorant of technology. Unnecessary to create too complicated interfaces, the important thing is that your app is usable for as many users as possible.

Have you finished creating the app? Perfect, the fourth step involves a phase of “testing”, so you can identify errors and bugs and consequently correct them as appropriate. An app developer can be very useful in this case.

As mentioned for the first steps of testing you can use the iphone simulator, then you have to transfer the app to the iphone to check the real efficiency of the application on the field and find any bugs.

To do this, you need to register your app on the iOS developer program site, create an app authentication certificate, and create an app ID to identify it.

Here we come to the fifth and last step. Once you’ve checked and tested your app, you can send it to Apple via itunes Connect to approve the App store managers. Sometimes you may have to wait even 2-3 weeks, so don’t worry if the wait is particularly long.

We have come to the conclusion, now you know something more about how to create an app in 5 steps for iOS and Android and you can also try to engage in this world.

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