How Much Should the Maintenance Lifts be Done?

Now present in almost all condos, the elevator is spreading more and more even in single dwellings on several floors. It represents a particularly delicate plant, both to be realized and to be maintained. For this to know precisely how much should be done the maintenance lifts is fundamental both for its proper operation in time and for your safety.

The installation lift and the commissioning

I start by stating that the lift installation and the commissioning must always be checked at every stage, already starting from the design.

The latter must be entrusted to a qualified technician for the exercise of the profession and with proven experience in the plant sector.

Design and installation of the system are regulated by the directive lifts 95/16/EC and DPR 162/99, consistent with the essential safety and health requirements to which the whole European Community refers.

In practical terms, this means that once the design and installation of the elevator is completed, the installer is obliged to issue an EC certificate of conformity to the owner of the property and, therefore, of the installed installation.

The contents of the certificate may vary based on the conformity assessment which has been taken into account, but in general the following data are always present:

  • Name and address of the person who made the installation;
  • Year of installation;
  • Description of the machine, i.e. definition of the type of lift installed, indication of serial number and location;
  • Set of provisions that have been complied with during installation.

The installer also has the task of marking the CE product, an element that must be clearly visible inside the cabin, as well as the identification number of the notification attesting to the installation according to the law.

At this point, in order to start the operation of the system, according to article 12 of DPR 162/99, the owner must communicate to the municipality within 10 days of the date on which the certificate of conformity is issued, the following data:

  • Address of the building where the elevator was installed;
  • The name of the installer or producer;
  • The speed of the apparatus, its capacity, the number of floors it serves and the method of operation;
  • A copy of the Certificate of conformity;
  • The indication of the company, duly enabled, to which the maintenance of the plant is entrusted;
  • Indication of the periodic inspection officer to be carried out on the plant.

The municipality gives the plant a serial number, which must be exposed inside the elevator compartment. At this point, finally, the plant can be put into operation.

Ordinary maintenance lifts

Article 15 of Presidential Decree 162/99 stipulates that the owner should entrust the ordinary maintenance lifts “per person with a certificate of qualification or a specialized firm”.

This means that you cannot use a lift if maintenance has not been entrusted to a subject that is legally qualified. My advice is to request a quotation for elevator assistance to a qualified and experienced company.

The maintainer is therefore obliged to perform routine maintenance on the system in two ways.

1) Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is used to verify the correct functioning of the system and its main components, such as the doors to the various floors, the locks, the state of wear of the ropes, the correct lubrication cleaning of the elements that make up the systems.

For this type of visit, the legislation does not indicate a precise timing: this means that the frequency of visits is closely linked to the needs of the plant.

2) Maintenance every 6 months

The elevator technician must ensure that it is serviced every 6 months. This verification is aimed at certifying the efficiency and the state of wear of the plant and all the elements that constitute it, from which it could depend on your safety and also the other people who use it.

The maintainer plays a very important role because it must ensure that the technical characteristics of the plant are sufficiently efficient to allow the system to function properly.

It will also be the task of drawing up a maintenance programme in which the number of preventive maintenance visits necessary to ensure the correct operation of the system and the safety of those who use it is indicated.

The maintainer is also responsible for promptly intervening in the event of a breakdown and to make substitutions of any components that are no longer working or particularly worn.

Do-it-yourself is absolutely forbidden. Only an authorized maintainer can perform repairs on an elevator; In no case you or the owner can try to repair it yourself, for example by intervening the caretaker or by calling other professionals (electricians, blacksmiths).

Although repairs are in most cases entrusted to the company that also performs ordinary maintenance, you may also decide to appoint a different company for the lift assistance.

The person who is responsible for the maintenance, in this case, is obliged to verify the correct execution of the work of the other person involved and, if the repairs have not been carried out in accordance with the art, may terminate the contract due to the owner’s fault.

Periodic checks lifts

If you want to keep an elevator in operation, you must instruct a body authorized to carry out a periodic check once every two years.

The indication of the institution must be clearly visible inside the elevator compartment and, if, in the course of the years, you have to replace the institution you had initially instructed, you are obliged to communicate this change to the municipality.

A check included will be issued the minutes of the visit and, if it is negative, the competent municipality will be advised to close the plant.

The costs related to these checks are the responsibility of the owner.

The extraordinary checks lifts

Extraordinary checks are carried out only if one of the following conditions is met:

-Six the report on the periodic verification was negative and, following the communication to the commune, the plant was closed;

-When a particularly serious accident occurs. In this case, those who are obliged to notify the commune that the plant is blocked;

-If you have made changes to the system, such as if there has been a change in speed, flow, stroke, mode of operation or replacement of one of the main components.

The costs related to this verification are also the responsibility of the owner.

Some advice for owners

It is very important for you to understand that all the interventions to be carried out on the lift system must necessarily be carried out by someone competent of the trade.

Equally important is to know how much maintenance lifts must be done, because it will be your care or the administrator, contact the company to whom this task has been entrusted and establish a meeting.

It goes without saying that, although in some cases the legislation establishes some mandatory cadences, the revision date of the plant can slip a few days or a few weeks, but it is essential not to let the moment pass. If you own or administrators of a condo, when you postpone this time you think you are jeopardizing the lives of all the people who use the elevator daily. Not being experts, in fact, you may not notice a possible state of wear of the system.

At the same time, make sure that the undertaking with which you have entered into the contract for the lift assistance has all the requirements laid down by law. The new legislation, in fact, if on the one hand it intensified the controls on the plants, limiting the accidents that often occurred precisely because of the poor maintenance, on the other has brought an increasing number of companies to speculate on the obligation, by the owners, to contact specialized companies.

Once you have ascertained the seriousness and qualification of the maintainers, you just have to rely on them, ensuring that they carry out their task in absolute tranquillity and without the intervention of external workers.

After reading this article you know, not only how much maintenance elevators should be done, but you will also have a general picture to understand what the regulations are and what the maintenance actually means. At this point you need to activate your lift and mark the date of the next maintenance on the agenda.

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